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DYFC Weekly Update W.C. 12 July 2021

Debating Finals - Well done to the Derbyshire Team who came 9th in the debating finals.

The Big Summer Sesh Friday 13 August 2021 at Stanedge Grange, New Haven b.k.p. of Mr Bunting

Tickets are £15 in advance and will be available online (look out for more information in the near future on this) or £20 on the door. Promo coming out shortly - watch out on the FB page.

Executive Committee meeting The next meeting will be on Monday 2nd August 2021 8pm at the Duke of William, Starkholmes. Agenda will be sent next week. Chip cobs will be available.

YFC AGRI New Entrants Scheme Discussion

YFC members are invited to join a YFC AGRI online discussion on the 13 July with Defra to talk about the future new entrants scheme.

Defra’s lead on a future New Entrants’ Scheme, Henry Leveson-Gower will join the YFC AGRI meeting at 8pm on Tuesday, 13 July.

Zoom link:

Get involved with YFC Made Me…

To celebrate NFYFC’s 90th membership year during National Young Farmers’ Week, we are looking to gather recordings from members across England and Wales. We need your help to capture stories from our alumni and current members. 

YFC Made Me… is one of the themes of National Young Farmers’ Week 2021, supported by NatWest, from the 25-29 October.

As it’s NFYFC’s 90th membership year, we are gathering stories from members (past and present) about how YFC has influenced their lives. We would like to create videos to share throughout the week, which are a compilation of messages from members and alumni. We need your help to gather those stories!

We would like to include a mixture of past and present members who can talk about how YFC has impacted their lives. We know we have some 90 year olds, for example, who are still involved in the organisation in some way, and we would love to capture some of their memories.

To take part, you will need to do the following:

1.      Identify and contact any alumni, former members or people involved in YFC who you think would have an interesting story to share about the impact YFC has had on their lives (this could be anything from their career, friendships made, involvement in YFC and experiences outside of the organisation).

2.      Ask if someone they know can record a video of them talking about how YFC has influenced their lives. They can do this in partnership with someone else who asks questions while sat next to them if preferred or just with them talking to the camera alone. Please record the video in a landscape format. Try to keep the videos short – 2 mins maximum. 

3.      Send the video to Cheryl Liddle via email or if too large, it can be sent via WhatsApp to 07717 853823.

Please also encourage members of your clubs to record short videos about how YFC is influencing their lives. The Club and County can gather these to create your own Club or County video to share during National Young Farmers’ Week too. But please send some of them to NFYFC also so we can add them into our stories/videos throughout the week.

If you know anyone in your County who has gone on to be a professional sports person, a well-known person in the media or who holds a high office in industry, please also let us know so we can make contact with them for some of our high profile case studies we are using throughout the week.

We will be using the hashtag #YFCMadeMe throughout National Young Farmers’ Week and toolkits will include all the resources you will need to get ready for the week. There will also be some support webinars in the build up to National Young Farmers’ Week to help you maximise promotion. 

Forestry Commission’s new England Woodland Creation Offer

The Forestry Commission has launched the England Woodland Creation Offer (EWCO); a new incentive to farmers and landowners looking to increase woodland cover across their properties.

Woodlands created under this scheme include payments for ecosystem services such as reducing run off, improving air quality and linking habitat networks. Grants in excess of £10,000 per hectare are available in the first year, with income for maintenance and continued BPS running alongside this.

Look up Rates and eligibility   

Contact info for woodland officers