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Chair / Secretary needs to read this out!


 Weekly Update 25 October 2021


County AGM – Club Secretaries and Chairs have been emailed with the Resolutions that are on the agenda at this year’s County AGM. Please could the Officers ensure that you read this email out at the club meetings this week!

Trophies  - Please return any trophies and awards via your Club Officers so that they can be bought to the next County meeting or contact County Office direct.

Membership Forms  - all membership renewals or new member forms need to be completed in full including the Parental Consent forms for under 18s,  2 passport size photos and returned to your Club Treasurer along with your money.


Upcoming Meetings

Finance Management Committee Meeting – Thursday 11th November at The Duke William, Matlock, 8pm

The County AGM will be held on Thursday 18th November 2021 8pm at Anthony Gell School Hall, Wirksworth, Matlock.


Upcoming Competitions

County Sports Day - Sunday 14th November 2021  10am at Wirksworth Leisure Centre. Ultimate Frisbee  (10-16 years)   Ladies rush hockey (17—28 years),   Men’s Dodgeball (17-28 years) Entries need to be sent into County Office – Amanda by email  / FB messenger no later than 2 weeks before the competition (this FRIDAY 29th October)  Club Secretaries & Chairs have been sent the sign up form and competition rules by email.

Competitors need to be a signed up YFC member at least 1 week before the competition.


Upcoming Events

Club Officer Training Night for Club Chairs / Vice Chairs, Secretaries, Treasurers, Programme Secretaries and Competitions Secretaries on Monday 8th November at 7.45pm venue tbc. chip cobs will be available. Please can all new officers attend and also officers which may have done a role before. Clubs please send in the names of officers and their roles that will be attending to County Office by noon on Friday 5th November 2021.


D&D will take place this Saturday 30th October at the Proact Stadium. Entries are now closed. This is a Covid-Aware YFC event Conditions of Attendance - Please do not attend the event if you or anyone in your household have symptoms of Covid-19. See here for full conditions of entry https://www.derbyshireyfc.org.uk/events/     Parental consent forms are required and given to Drew or Amy on the night.


National News

It’s #NationalYoungFarmersWeek 2021, supported by NatWest Business and we can’t wait to celebrate this week with you. 🎉 It’s our 90th membership year and this week we’ll be taking a look back through the last nine decades, as well as looking to our future. We’ll hear from former members about how YFC has influenced their lives as well as current members who talk about the impact on them today. But best of all - we want to hear from all of you - our members and former members about how YFC has made an impact on your lives! Let’s do this! #yfcdoitbest #yfcmademe #youngfarmers


Radio 1 Minute of Me: Environment special

Radio 1 is handing the microphone to its listeners and giving them the opportunity to have their voice heard. It’s 60 seconds to talk about the environment, how you feel about it, whether it is having an impact on your life and your thoughts on the future. This is a great chance for farming to have its voice heard and shout about the fantastic things happening on your farms. We wanted to highlight this opportunity, so you can consider if you want to put yourself forward.

Radio 1 has specifically said it wants to hear from young people so there is more chance of having your story aired if you are under 30, but there is nothing stopping anyone over 30 applying if you would like to. So, what would you say as a farmer?

What do you think other listeners need to hear about farming and the environment?

All you have to do is fill out the online form and explain in 500 words or less, why, as a farmer, you care passionately about the environment and the iconic British countryside alongside producing sustainable climate-friendly food. This is an initial application stage, which then may be followed up by Radio 1 to record something for its shows.

Here is the link to submit your message: https://www.bbc.co.uk/send/u61217247 


Have a think first about the kind of message you want to land with the Radio 1 listeners – who are mainly aged 15-25. Think about your language – farming can be quite complicated so keep it simple and avoid technical language. Don’t be afraid to use statistics or facts and write from your heart.


If you want some help from us in the press team, we’re happy to have a chat over the phone or help with your submission. Please contact us if that’s the case and keep us posted if you’re successful!

Here are a few key messages to help tell your story.

  • Farmers manage 70% of Britain’s iconic countryside and are dedicated to enhancing and protecting the environment.
  • For generations, farmers have created and maintained the iconic British countryside we all enjoy today, supporting rural economies and providing high quality, safe food for the nation.
  • Features such as hedges, trees, cattle and sheep grazing in fields and crops being harvested all contribute to the wonderfully varied landscapes we see today.
  • British farmers not only produce our food, but also play a key role in protecting the wildlife in the great British countryside - providing habitats through planting hedgerows and flower margins, managing soil health and landscapes, or providing additional feed for farmland birds.
  • British farming has an ambition to reach net-zero by 2040 - to be a global leader for climate-friendly food production - and we have taken this challenge head-on:


-        by focusing on the health of our soil and driving productivity to produce food in smarter ways which bring down our emissions, as well as storing carbon on farmland, and using the latest commercial technology and embracing science and innovation, we can become even more productive and sustainable.


  • A recent NFU survey showed the public’s huge appreciation of the benefits the British countryside offers to the nation – particularly for mental health and physical wellbeing - and that they recognise the valuable role farmers play in creating our iconic landscapes.
  • We work hard looking after our soil. This is our greatest asset and it’s vital in producing healthy crops to feed the nation. Not only this, but maintaining healthy soil is also key to building up resilience to events such as floods and droughts.


Key stats:

The public have rights of access on more than 225,000km of public rights of way in England and Wales, which is the equivalent distance of 15 trips to Australia.

Farmers maintain more than 411,000km of hedgerows in England and Wales, enough to wrap around the earth’s equator more than 10 times.

Farmland is the destination of 48% of visits to the natural environment in England, totalling around 4.1 billion visits every year.

Farmers manage 70% of Britain’s iconic countryside.

Greenhouse gas emissions from UK beef are already less than half the global average.

65% of UK farmland is only suitable for growing grass.


County Admin Leave dates

County Admin will not be in the office on Friday 29th October.

Working days this week are Monday 9.30am – 3pm and Thursday 9.30am – 3pm and 7pm – 10pm.


County Administrator: Amanda Dolan 

DFYFC, PO Box 800, Chesterfield, S40 9QH   E: countyoffice@derbyshireyfc.org.uk

W: www.derbyshireyfc.org.uk   @DerbyshireYoungFarmersClubs