Stay Safe

Welcome to the Derbyshire Federation of Young Farmers` Clubs Safeguarding page! This page is designed to give club officers, members, non-members, guardians and parents useful information on staying safe whether out at YFC events or during day to day activities. 


DFYFC has a safeguarding officer which can be reached at the following email address should you wish to talk, seek advice or raise alarm.

NFYFC Safeguarding Policy
P&G 067 Safeguarding Policy Final Docume
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Don`t get caught out; understand what is meant by consent. Remember consent can be given and then declined at any point in time. Click on the video below explaining about consent.


Vulnerability can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender or location.

It`s important to have someone with you that you can trust.


Things to be aware of when out and about anywhere ...... 


Drink spiking -

  • This is when someone adds a substance to your drink which was not consented to be there.
  • It can be alcohol.
  • It can be a drug.
  • Dependent on which substance was put in your drink (spiked) the outcome can make you very vulnerable.
  • Vulnerability can be someone under 18 or and adult aged over 18. Age does not discriminate against vulnerability.


Sadly drink spiking is becoming more popular in cities. Lets not follow the trend and keep drink spiking free from YFC events.


Needle spiking -

  • This is when someone injects a person with a drug. Usually the needle is not felt but the drug can soon make the spiked person feel ill and start to loose consciousness


Sadly needle spiking is becoming a niche trend in some areas. Lets keep it out of YFC. Lets keep YFC members and guests safe by knowing what to look out for and how to keep each other safe. 


Look at the guidelines available in the resources section of our website under Stay Safe. 


Be aware county line gangs are organised groups which traffic drugs from one area of the country to another across county borders. 


Do you know someone affected or have been approached?

Look at the guidelines available in the resources section of our website under Stay Safe.